We are going to have cooler weather this week. Please dress in layers for our afterschool sports!
1 day ago, Judy Marvin
Happy Friday, everyone! Just a reminder that Tuesday, October 27th and Monday, November 2nd will be our flu clinics at Center Drive.
4 days ago, Judy Marvin
Due to the impending wet weather, soccer and cross country will be canceled today, Tuesday, October 13th.
14 days ago, Judy Marvin
Monday, October 12th, is a scheduled holiday for our students. Many have asked if they have to "still work from home"! I would say our kiddos are starting to really internalize this new normal. I will let you be the hero and tell them they get a day off on Monday! Enjoy your weekend, everyone.
18 days ago, Judy Marvin
Happy Monday! Just a reminder that our scheduled inservice day on Friday, October 9th had been canceled. This will be a regular school day for Pod 2 students and remote day for Pod 1 students.
22 days ago, Judy Marvin
Good afternoon Mr. Stoneton sent a test of our emergency alert system at approximately 3:30. If you did not get this call, please let us know.
25 days ago, Judy Marvin
Good morning! We understand that the power is out in many locations today. Please just have your students do the best they can today with their school work. If they are able to complete some things, great. If not, we certainly understand. Hold onto your hats today!
27 days ago, Judy Marvin
Of course it finally rains on our first attempt at Fall Sports!!! Soccer and Cross Country will be canceled today. We definitely want their first experience (for some of these kiddos) to be an enjoyable one!
29 days ago, Judy Marvin
Just a reminder that we will be starting an abbreviated soccer and cross country season for students in grades 5-8 on Monday. The season will focus on skill building and conditioning. A memo was emailed to parents on Wednesday and can be found on our website under "Memos". Coaches will be handing out a sports waiver form that must be returned. We are so excited to have our kids get back to some type of afterschool opportunities!
about 1 month ago, Judy Marvin
Good Morning, A survey asking you to identify the back to school option for your family went out on Friday, August 7th. We have received over 200 returned surveys. Thank you! We are in the process of mailing letters to our families that responded to the surveys, identifying which pods/days they are attending, hoping to get them in the mail by Wednesday. If you did not receive the survey you can find one on our website. If we have not heard from you regarding what your child will be doing in the fall, you will not receive the letter. Please call the office so that we can get your correct email. A great deal of correspondence will be coming within the next few weeks. This correspondence will be sent by email and posted on our website. Thank you for all of your continued to support as we maneuver through this pandemic.
3 months ago, Judy Marvin
A reopening survey has been sent to parents via their email. This survey is also available on the school website. Please, take a moment to fill the survey out. So that we know what your plans are for your child(ren’s) return to school.
3 months ago, AOS 47
Good Afternoon Just a reminder, if you have not yet filled out your "school reopening family survey", please do so. This came to you in an email on Friday, July 10th. Thank you in advance!
3 months ago, Judy Marvin
Good Morning Just a reminder that meals will be ready for pick up between 11:00-12:15 today. Please drive to our back circle by the gym and someone will come to your car. Thank you!
4 months ago, Judy Marvin
We are still waiting on the return of macbooks and chromebooks. If your child still has a school issued device at home, please return these ASAP. Someone will be in the office tomorrow from 7:00-4:00, just call the school from your car and we will come get it. Thank you.
4 months ago, Judy Marvin
Thank you to the volunteers that helped pass out and collect materials today. It was nice to see so many faces. Just a reminder, if you have not returned supplies, including laptops, volunteers will be at the school tomorrow from 1-4.
5 months ago, Judy Marvin
Hey Everybody!!! We have a PARADE today! We can't wait to see our kiddos...
5 months ago, Judy Marvin
We had an amazing 8th grade graduation "ceremony "! I would like to thank our many volunteers who came to help decorate, pass out materials and celebrate. I would like to thank our parents and students who followed and respected the guidelines we needed to implement. Congratulations 8th graders!
5 months ago, Judy Marvin
Can't wait to see our 8th graders tonight!
5 months ago, Judy Marvin
Happy Summer Friends! Let's celebrate the end of this virtual school year with a... VIRTUAL BOOK FAIR! We need to keep reading during the summer time, but this year it is more important than ever! Parents and Family this is a great way to inspire some summer reading for our CDS students! You shop online, pay online and the book orders that are 25$ or more will ship right to the house of our student for Free. Thank you for your help in supporting the CDS library! I cannot wait to see our students sweet faces back in our library! If anyone needs any help picking out books for their young readers, I am happy to assist! Enjoy a reading summer! https://bookfairs.scholastic.com/bookfairs/cptoolkit/homepage.do?method=homepage&url=centerdriveelementaryschool1
5 months ago, Andrew Ward
Good Morning! This is just a reminder that our meal delivery will be on Thursdays for the remainder of the school year. Stay healthy!
6 months ago, Judy Marvin