by Lenni Whiteley ~. 

Outdoor Ed is a program made to help students experience new things first hand. It's meant to give kids an opportunity to engage in things that they otherwise would have to do outside of school. 

In outdoor education one of the main subjects taught and worked on is soft skills. These are skills to help improve your overall emotional intelligence, this includes skills such as work ethic, adaptability, openness to suggestion, and overall awareness of your emotions. Basically, knowing what your emotions are and how to deal with them.

Students participating in outdoor education will possibly take part in activities such as: canoeing, skiing, the rope course, outdoor cooking, and learning how to build a fire. Mr. Maxwell says that there is a possible collaboration between himself and Miss. Ekins (the seventh grade math and science teacher) because of her unit in biology, and they might do activities such as identifying trees and animal prints. I also would like to add that Mr. Maxwell will be participating in all Maine Studies trips from now on.

When I asked Mr. Maxwell if he liked this job better than his former position as eighth grade math and science teacher, he responded that he supposes he enjoys it more because it combines his love of teaching with his love of the outdoors. Fun fact he actually used to be a guide.

Outdoor education is a wonderful chance for your kids to get outside and work on their mobile abilities, as well as helping them work on their teamwork and communication skills.