This letter is being sent to outline AOS 47’s plan for the start of the school year. Now that we have received the county reopening categorization from the state of Maine in conjunction with the Maine Department of Education’s Framework for Returning to Classroom Instruction we can move forward with our plans for the 2020-2021 school year.

We will begin the school year with a hybrid model where we have 50% of the students every other day with no students in on Wednesdays. The typical student will be at school on Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday. Wednesdays will be a flex day focused on cleaning the building, preparing lessons for our upcoming week and supporting students. We will work with families to try and have students living in the same households be at school on the same days. It is important to understand that having 50% of the students in the building is what allows us to follow all guidelines to ensure we are successful in bringing students back to in person instruction.

As we progress through the year please note that some students and classrooms could feature more in-person learning based on the number of students in a program. Some students whose families do not feel comfortable having them return to any in-person learning will remain in a remote learning model with support from school. These students will complete equivalent work however remote support during At-School Days will not be the same as when the entire school is in an Instructional Level 1 with remote learning for the entire student body.

The Hybrid Model will allow us to reduce the total number of people in a building which makes it possible for us to maintain safe social distancing, gives us the ability to divide our building and students into pods to minimize the amount of student to student contact, maximize our transportation capacity and to follow the guidelines from the CDC. Using a hybrid model allows us to implement these precautions safely in an effort to reduce the need to transition between levels during the school year. Minimizing the transitions between levels will reduce the disruption to in person instruction.

AOS 47’s plan follows the Maine CDC and DOE guidelines regarding symptom screening, social distancing, wearing face coverings, emphasizing hand hygiene, and using PPE throughout the district in order to keep everyone safe. Student and staff safety is our highest priority. You will be receiving additional information from your building administrator. That information will include items such as which days will your student be assigned for in-person learning, information on virtual open houses, what entrances to go thorough, and other building specific details. In planning for the 2020-2021 school year, our goal is to have as many students as possible come to school for instruction as safely as we can.


James Stoneton II, Superintendent of Schools