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Judy Marvin

Judy Marvin, about 22 hours ago

There is a simple discrepancy between the app and sport page. For clarification, the girls soccer play first tomorrow in our game against Holbrook. Sorry for any confusion. We appreciate your patience as we work out the format with this new app/website.

Judy Marvin

Judy Marvin, 5 days ago

How lucky are we to be in this community?? Mr. McKnight dropped by with a beaver getting ready to be returned to "the wild". Thank you! view image

Judy Marvin

Judy Marvin, 8 days ago

Please check out our new AOS 47 app. We are excited to share we have added our sport blog from the website to the app. On the app it is located under "athletics". On the website you will find it under : "Explore" scroll down to "Sports".

Judy Marvin

Judy Marvin, 13 days ago

Please check out our new sports page on our website. You will find schedules and practice times, plus other valuable information.

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